Install Driver Nvidia Hybrid Card on LinuxMint using Bumblebee

Since a week ago, I have tried to install driver for Nvidia Geforce 610M in LinuxMint OS. Usually on another Nvidia graphic card, I just open Additional Driver and there will be two or three options which driver will be installed. But, I was surprised after searching about it on internet. There many says that Nvidia card type 6xx (and also my card 610M and many other card) are Hybrid graphic card that didn’t officially supported on Linux by Nvidia itself.

Then I found a question in how to install hybrid Nvidia driver card on Ubuntu. There is also another question about switchable graphic card usage on the same laptop. They say that hybrid card that did not have official driver can use driver fromĀ Bumblebee.

I will show you how to install it on LinuxMint OS, and there are a little task to do differently.

First of all, if you have installed nvidia-current drivers from package manager or via apt-get, then you must remove it. All of these actions bellow will be done as a root user.

root@localhost# sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current

Then, you must update your repository, so you can access and download bumblebee nvidia driver. There are 2 repository paths that are recommended for installing the driver. First path is bumblebee itself (usually for older development) and the newest driver. You can choose one of them. I tried to install from the newest driver, but the repo couldn’t find any software related to bumblebee, so I ended up to use bumbblebee path (older developemt). Invoke on of these commands to add repository database.

#For older drivers
root@localhost# apt-add-repository ppa:bumblebee/stable
#For newest drivers
root@localhost# apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates

When you run apt-get update, it will failed since apt-get will add the repository with OS code name in LinuxMint (like maya, nadia, lisa, etc). We will update the repo from ubuntu itself, so we must change the code name with Ubuntu code name. Since I used LinuxMint maya (version 13), so I must change it to precise. You can change it in file /etc/apt/source.list.d/xxx, with xxx is the name of repository path, for example are bumblebee-stable-maya.list or ubuntu-x-swat-x-updates-maya.list.

After changing the file, you can update the repository

root@localhost# apt-get update

Then you can install the bumblebee nvidia driver.

root@localhost# apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia

Restart your computer and if you want to run an application via Nvidia graphic card, you can run it via terminal by running optirun. For example:

#without nvidia graphic card
duken@localhost$ glxspheres
#with nvidia graphic card
duken@localhost$ optirun glxspheres

If you want to run it as a daemon, you can invoke this command:

root@localhost# bumblebeed --daemon
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